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Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods that Carpet Cleaners Use

Carpets keep our feet warm and improve the appearance of the room, but they need special maintenance to last long. How long has it been since you last hired carpet cleaners to dust, tough stains and disinfected your carpet? Cleaning the carpet often reduces the rate of allergic attacks like sneezing. Do you know the varieties of carpet cleaning services that are available for you to choose from?

Carpet cleaners use a special heavy-duty motorized machine that has a spinning pad when doing bonnet carpet cleaning. The cleaning pad is immersed into a solution that so that it absorbs loosely attached dirt on from the surface of the carpet. Thee is no moisture left, and the carpet dries up quickly hence this method is recommended for carpets that are laid in places that experience heavy foot traffic. Carpet cleaners can focus on their job as people pass by because bonnet cleaning does not obstruct people from passing by while cleaning is in progress.

In hot water extraction cleaning or steam carpet cleaning the carpet is exposed to high pressured warm or hot water to get rid of the dirt that is trapped in the carpet’s fibers. The carpet is brushed and rinsed afterward using a special machine. It is left to dry in an air-conditioned room that has regulated temperature.

Shampoo cleaning needs more water and more time for the carpet to dry compared to foam encapsulation. Chemicals that are used crystallize and dry into power so that loose dirt particles are encapsulated. The powder substance is removed through vacuuming or brushing the carpet. The carpet will not have residue after the cleaning.

Experts who offer compound cleaning and those who provide dry carpet cleaning offer the same service, but the terms may be slightly different. Dry carpet cleaning is the best methods compare other carpet cleaning alternatives. Dry carpet cleaning is the newest carpet cleaning method, and it is becoming popular among carpet owners because the carpet does not require drying after it is cleaned. The carpet is sprayed using chemicals that will bond with the dirt and the combination is vacuumed out of the carpet. Dry carpet cleaning is suitable for light cleaning, but wet carpet cleaning is the best for deep cleaning if the carpet has deep and tough stains.

You are advised to use shampoo cleaning when the carpet is heavily soiled. The carpet gets sticky when it has dried if it is not rinsed thoroughly because the shampoo residue will accumulate on it. Special detergents for each fabric are used to elongate the lifespan of the carpet.

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