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Benefits of Instructional Materials in Teaching

With time both teaching methods and teaching materials have tremendously changed over time. The main reason for these is that educators are doing their best to try and make learning delivered in a simple form but also cater for the learners with special needs as well. The rapid increase in technology has been a major factor in some of the changes that are taking place in the field of education wherein is not necessarily classroom teaching that is needed. But with the internet, a lot has changed where it is not needed for the teacher and the learner to be in one room for teaching to take place. In addition to that instructional materials have also been incorporated in the learning process . Given are the merits of using instructional materials I teaching.

The first benefits of is that it motivates the learner. The teaching approach of using word of mouth to pass information at times is too boring for the learners. On the other hand, if the lesson is boring the learner will lose motivation and with the you may find a lot not interested in the lesson and even some sleeping. However, the use of instructional materials will make the learner attentive and in return this is going to boost their level of concentration and motivation.

Secondly, instructional, the method is going to aid in summarizing of information. Often then note a topic that could have been taught in a couple of hours may be taught is just minutes by the application of instructional materials. An example is when you want to teach your learners of a procedure you can have it down in the form of a chart and with these, the learners are going to have a drawing representation of the same in one picture and it is going to reduce the wordiness that could have been used in the process which in return will save a lot of time as well.

The third merit to that comes with instructional materials is that it encourages the continuity of thought. Often than not when learners are given an explanation by the word of mouth when the teacher gets to the next point often than not the previous point will have slipt their mind. But by the use of visual representation instructional materials have tried to prevent this from happening. This is because motion pictures tends to stick to the brain more.

On the other hand, instructional tends to present matters in a symbolic form. With teaching by the word of mouth the learner will always try to picture the image in their mind which often might not be correct but with instructional materials, they can see it. In conclusion, given below are advantages of instructional materials.

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